With a deep understanding of the local market and a commitment to personalised service, we offer a range of lending solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of the Hunter community. Whether you’re looking to purchase a vineyard, a large home, or an acreage property, we have the expertise to help you achieve your financial goals.

Our Services

Home Loans

The Hunter Region is known for its stunning properties, from sprawling estates to charming homes. At Coffey Lending, we offer a variety of home loan options designed to fit your unique needs. We provide competitive rates, flexible terms, and expert advice to guide you through the home buying process smoothly. Whether you’re buying your first home, upgrading, or refinancing, we’re here to help.

Investment Loans

The Hunter Region presents excellent opportunities for property investment. At Coffey Lending, we understand the local market dynamics and offer tailored investment loan solutions to help you maximise your returns. Our investment loans are designed to cater to both residential and commercial properties, enabling you to build a robust investment portfolio.

Finance & Large Acreages

If you’re looking to finance a large acreage property or a vineyard in the Hunter Region, Coffey Lending has the specialised loan products you need. We offer competitive rates and terms to help you purchase or refinance rural and large acreage properties. Our team understands the unique aspects of financing large properties and will work closely with you to find the best solution.

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Commercial Finance

For businesses in the Hunter Region looking to expand, upgrade, or manage cash flow, Coffey Lending provides comprehensive commercial finance solutions. Our commercial loans cater to a wide range of business needs, from purchasing commercial real estate to equipment financing and working capital loans. We are dedicated to supporting local businesses with the financial resources they need to thrive.

Loans for Miners

The Hunter Region’s rich mining industry means a significant portion of our community works in mining. Coffey Lending offers specialised loans for miners, understanding the unique financial circumstances and opportunities this profession presents. Our loans for miners are designed to provide flexible and supportive financial solutions, helping you secure your financial future.

Why Choose Coffey Lending?

  • Local Expertise: Our deep knowledge of the Hunter Region ensures we provide relevant and effective financial advice.
  • Personalised Service: We tailor our lending solutions to meet your specific needs and financial goals.
  • Competitive Rates: We offer competitive rates and flexible terms across all our loan products.
  • Experienced Team: Our team of experienced lenders is committed to providing exceptional service and support.

At Coffey Lending, we’re dedicated to helping the Hunter Region community achieve their financial dreams. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you with your lending needs. Let us be your trusted partner in finance.